Wake Up and Be Strong – ElijahFireRadio

Be strong, that is the message we want to share tonight. It is so easy to get discouraged in today's world. But God has commanded us to not fear and to be strong. We will talk about that tonight.

2022 – A YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION – ElijahFireRadio

Tonight we will talk about the coming year and prophecy about transformation.  It will be a powerful night of prayer and prophecy.

The Power of God’s Anointing

The Bible declares that the power of God brings liberty. The anointing is also known as the power of Christ - we will demonstrate that tonight.

The Counsel of the LORD – ElijahFireRadio – 12/14/2021

The counsel of the Lord is a special place of prayer in the Lord. Tonight we will talk about this dimension of prayer.

Spiritual Warfare – ElijahFireRadio – 12-7-2021

Tonight we continue our study of spiritual warfare. We will also take calls for prayer and prophetic ministry.

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