A Word for a Prophetic People for 2018

This is going to be a year of change. There will be many changes. Some of the changes that are coming will almost be violent in how drastic they will be.

The changes that are coming will ultimately be for the good of my people, say’s the LORD. I am doing this.

The paradigm and understanding of money and finance will have to shift in this next season and in this next year. God says, “I am making the change”.


God has positioned many of His prophets in this past year. He is yet preparing you. Be ready for a great move of My Spirit. Prophecy and prophetic will come to the forefront.  This will prepare my people for years to come.

“Open your eyes oh my sleeping bride. Open your eyes and behold the dawning day. Daybreak is coming. “

Wake up oh prophets. Wake up oh My prophets. I am sending you. I am sending you. Wake up and hear My voice. Wake up and hear the sound that is coming from heaven.

I am doing a new thing in this season. I am doing a new thing in this year. Yes, many changes are coming. I am going to do this, for the good of my people.

I will send bread from heaven.  There has been a famine in the land. A famine of the hearing of the word of the LORD.  No more.

I will open wide the floodgates. I will open wide the storehouses. I will open wide my treasure houses. Yes, I will open wide my armory also.

My word will come like a flood to a dry and thirsty land. Yes, I will speak. Yes, I will speak to many.

Yes I will speak to you my prophets. Be ready. All my people be ready.

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