Responding to Personal Prophecy

One of the things that need to be taught to those who are part of any prophetic ministry is what to do when you receive a prophetic word.  There have some different schools of thought on the subject. I am going to share my thoughts on the subject here. I believe that this is possibly one of the most important things that should be taught in every church that deals with prophetic ministry.

It is important to understand that how you respond to your prophetic word will determine the fulfillment and impact that prophetic word will have on your life. Your response can either help the word come to pass or it can abort the blessing altogether. What people tend to forget about most personal prophecies is that they are almost always conditional. In other words, what you do in response to that word makes the difference between fulfillment or aborting the word.

In 2nd Kings 13, we see the prophet, Elisha. He is upon his deathbed.  King Jehoash wept over the dying prophet. Elisha was still full of the word and power of God.  Elisha turned to the King and commanded him to take an arrow and shoot it out the window.  They went down into the courtyard where the arrow had fallen. 

The prophet made another demand.  The prophet told the king to take his arrows and strike them upon the ground.  The king struck the ground once. He struck another blow. Then he stuck his last and stopped.  Elisha was angry. He spits out his sentence upon the bewildered king. The prophet said, “you should have struck and struck even more. If you had you would have destroyed your enemies completely. Instead, you will only have three victories.  This was due to a poor response to prophetic ministry. 

It could be that the king did not take the whole thing seriously.  Maybe he was just humoring the old prophet in the first place.  It is almost always a heart thing. The heart attitude is always a factor in the outcome of your prophetic word. Always check your heart before and after prophetic ministry. 

When you go to a meeting or are seeking prophetic ministry pray and ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind anything that you may need to do first. Do you need to forgive anyone? Do you need to repent of anything? It makes a difference.

In 2nd Kings 20, we see another deathbed event. The king Hezekiah is dying and the prophet Isaiah comes to minister to the king. The word of the Lord comes to the prophet and the news is grim.  The king is informed that he will surely die.  This sickness is going to do him in.  So the prophet starts his journey home.  His work is done. 

As he leaves the bedside of the king the king begins his prayer to God. He looks to the wall and weeps before the Lord. The king reminds God of everything the king had done for the Lord during the tenure of his Kingship. The LORD does something wonderful.  In this story, we see the goodness of God made manifest to this faithful king.

The Lord speaks to the prophet on his way out of the palace of the king.  He stops the prophet. Now the prophet has to return to the king.  God has changed his mind. God gives the king another 15 years to live.  The prophet even shows the king that he will recover by doing an amazing miracle.  The sun moved backward by 15 degrees.  

This was all because of the king’s response to the word of the prophet. His sentence from the LORD was changed. History was changed.  And, the king lived. A mighty miracle.  

We see again how the condition of the heart makes such a big difference in how we respond to the word of the LORD. King Hezekiah was humble and was devoted to the LORD. His response to God’s word caused the LORD to change his mind and let the king live.

  What do you do when you receive a prophetic word? Do you treat it with value and care? Or do you just wait and see if it will really come to pass? Do you use your faith and pray? Or, do you simply take the path of least resistance?   Here are some things you can do that will help you get the best outcome from your prophetic words.  

  1. Always record your prophetic words when possible. Recording your word is the best way to remember what it was that was said.  In the heat of the moment, we often don’t hear everything that is said. There are details that are often lost in the moment.  We don’t remember things as well as we think.  Especially if we are in a highly charged prophetic event.  So much is going on and we are so elated we are not noticing the details. Often the small details in personal prophecy are so important. Many times we just remember the “good stuff”. We don’t remember the warnings and admonishments.  We forget the requirements and instructions that the LORD dictates to us.  So much can be lost on our fragile memories.
  2. When you can, write those recorded prophecies out. Why? Because you will get a better understanding of the intricate details about your word. You will notice things that you would often miss. Plus it gives your mind and spirit a chance to catch up to the whole experience of hearing from the Lord by prophecy. You will gain a greater understanding also of any requirements for the fulfillment of your word.
  3. Another thing that is very important is to pray over your word. What you should be seeking the LORD for is if the word was genuinely from the LORD. Even true prophets can miss it sometimes.  Another thing to pray about is the missing details.  Sometimes in our own prayer time, the LORD will add some points that the prophet could have left out. The bible says that we only prophesy in part. So why not get the whole story. Why not go to the source and get the whole message.
  4. Also, have your pastor and/or trusted leaders be made aware of this word. The discernment of your spiritual leadership is a key element to the fulfillment of your word. All things are to be done decently and in order. If you have spiritual leadership and you keep this information from them, that can be out of order.
  5. A good thing to do next as you journal your prophetic words and spiritual encounters is to list the elements of your words. Each part has a world of meaning to it. Is there a specific requirement or instruction. List that. Are there warnings about obstacles to the words coming to pass? List that as well. Every part of that word is a clue to the future that unfolding before your eyes.

          These are only suggestions. There may be other things that you do with your prophetic words. How do you keep track of what the LORD has said to you in the past? Do you journal them? Do you play the audio recordings of your prophetic words often or occasionally? Let us know down in the comments section of the post.  We want to hear from you.    

James Graybeal
James Graybeal has been in prophetic ministry for over 20 years. He discovered his call while being active in church ministry. He now ministers to countless people on various platforms. Prophet James has a passion for helping others fulfill their call to ministry and develop leaders for the next generation. (read more...)

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