Prophetic Word for December 1, 2017, A New Season!

This is a new season for my people. This is a new season for my prophets.


Wakeup! Wakeup!

I am opening doors of opportunity and blessing.

I will lead my people to safety and prosperity.

I am the good Shepard. I have given my life for my sheep. They shall not want.

I say to my people, “prepare”.  I am bringing you to a new season.

It is a new season.

I am advancing my army.

I am advancing my hosts.

I am advancing my people.

I am advancing my prophets.

I am advancing my ministers.

I am advancing my house.


Shout for joy! A new day is dawning! A new day is dawning!


This is the year I break the shackles. This is the year I break the yoke off the neck of my people. I will set my hose at liberty.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Oh, how Babylon has fallen.


I am the LORD, there is no other.

Behold my arm. My hand is outstretched. I have judged. I have judged for my people. I have judged and blessed.

I am sending angels of prosperity and blessing to my people in this season.


Behold I am God and there is no other.

Many have been exposed. Many have been judged. Now I will heal. I will bind up the broken and hurting.


I am the LORD. I am the LORD they God. I am the LORD that heals thee. Behold I am advancing healing.


Laws will be passed for the health and safety of my people.

Behold I am changing the system.  I am changing the healthcare system. This time ‘I’ will do it.


There are changes. I am bringing many changes. I am doing this for my people. I am doing this for my bride. Make ready my bride, make ready.


Behold I come again in power. Behold I come again in might. My spirit pour out upon the nations.

Behold I come quickly.



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