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      Hi Prophet Graybeal:

      I’ve been seeking the Lord for a breakthrough financially. Right now my husband is out of work, and I’ve been handling all the finances. I have more bills than I have money to pay them. I just saw that my job has an opening for another position. I’m not exactly sure if it pays more, but it offers a more feasible schedule, so that if I need to get a 2nd job, I may be able to do so to help support my children. It’s been really tough on us. We’ve been surviving and not thriving. I work in real estate, so getting a Monday – Friday position in our corporate office would be a dream come true for me. I also have some things going on w/my health that I’m not too certain of. It’s difficult because I’m suffering from medical issues that are unknown to me (total pain throughout my whole body and struggling w/being able to keep food in my stomach for long), but because I’m the only one working, financially it’s hard. I have backed up medical bills w/every doctor, and going to a doctor right now would be money out of pocket that I simply can’t afford. I’m truly seeking the Lord for a confirmation on whether or not to go forward with applying for this in-office position. I attempted to apply for something a month ago, and I was denied from my boss to have an interview. He felt I did not have enough experience and would not be a good fit for that job. So, honestly, I’m a little downtrodden about work and work life balance right now, because I work very hard and get very little time with my children.

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      James Graybeal

      Apply, and trust the leading of the Holy Spirit.
      I pray also that your husband finds work also.
      In Jesus name.

      I pray blessing over you both in Jesus name.
      The LORD will be with you in your finances.

      God bless…

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