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    Hey!! Hope all is well with each and everyone of you!! Well I really want to go to the secret place with God, I want to have a very intimate deep relationship with him where we can clearly speak and hear each other and I can do what he asks me to do and so much more. I just don’t know how to get into that secret place of intimacy with him so it can just be him and I. It may not be hard but it’s hard for me cause I have no clue how to get to that point of intimacy with God I’ve been wanting it for a long time I just never knew how to get there.I believe my life would be so much easier and better if I could always meet God in the intimacy of the secret place and always follow his lead and his advice even if it sounds silly it will always have a beautiful plan.I have just have to figure out how to get into that secret place and the level of intimacy with God so we can go on an amazing journey just him and I he leads I listen and follow what he says and never tell him no!!

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    James Graybeal

    Those who ask receive. Those who knock it is opened to them. Those who seek find.
    You are on your way to where you want to be in the LORD.
    ( You are closer than you think )
    God bless…

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