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    My name is Makeda Duff. I’m still going to school and my desire is to become a successful entrepreneur. I feel like I’m struggling in school. My confidence is low and I’m always worried about how I look or smell to others, even though I proper hygiene. I want to get rid of that. It’s clouding my head and it’s to focus on my school work, and it’s difficult for me to socialize properly. I want to be successful and make my mother proud, and show people I did everything they said I couldn’t do.

    I also want to feel God hold my hand again. I want to feel him in my heart again. I can’t do anything without him.

    I was to go to the service where prophet Jamal Browne was preaching, but my mother said I couldn’t go and it broke my heart. I wanted to go because he helped me with my sexuality, and after that night my life changed and I got stronger (spiritually). I was to satisfied with my life. My eyes were opened. But now I feel clouded. I pray mostly every night and I thank God for the blessings he gave to me, even on the bad days. I can feel Satan fighting me trying to bring me down. Sometimes I have dreams but I don’t know if I should take them seriously. There are other stuff to but I don’t want to have you reading too long. Hopefully you can help me. Thank you for you time. May God keep blessing you.

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    James Graybeal

    I am praying for you. God will bring you into liberty.
    The deceptions are coming to an end and God will set you free in your mind and heart.
    You will have total deliverance.

    God bless you…

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