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    Hey!!! Thank you for being so patient with me!! I’m tired tired the only way I feel like I can get out of this situation is if I die somehow. Can you ask God what the lottery numbers are and the powerball I won’t be selfish lol!!! Income tax refund is nothing because my mom has me on child support for my two boys and $50 a month is a lot when you have a car note, insurance, car maintenance etc., I’m in school working on my bachelors of administration my goal is to become a marketing manager then a marketing executive my mom is against me about everything so I had to block her number she’s just always negative towards me always has been so I don’t what to do I do know I want to have enough income to live in a decent area so I can get my daughter back and this new cps worker I’ll just say we don’t like each other but I’m cordial with her please help cause I’m seriously tired of this situation!!! Love you much and thank you for always being there for me!!

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    Praise God! I prayed for you about all your request and the thing you have listed and all the Lord says is that He loves you. Stay Blessed in Jesus name. Amen!

    Don’t forget to bring your testimonies and donations to support the James Graybeal Ministries. Amen!

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