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      Hi Prophet Graybeal:

      Over the past week, I’ve been waking up praying in the middle of the night in tongues. I feel like a shift is happening and the Lord is preparing…but I feel like he is preparing me for something bad. It’s a feeling I have not been able to shake, but I feel like new warfare is on the horizon in the month of October. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been in a Job season for several years now, with no end in sight. I’ve been praying heavily for a shift and breakthrough, but I’m weary because I’ve been CONSTANTLY in warfare for several years now. My marriage has experienced trauma, my daughter’s biological father was locked up for child molestation, and I’m financially responsible for EVERYTHING in my household. The provisions have been low. I’m thankful for my job, but when I envisioned marriage, I envisioned being with a man who was able to provide. As it stands, I have no options. I struggle to trust my husband because of lies he has told me in the past within our marriage. I feel like I have no friends and that I cannot trust anyone…here lately, it feels very much like I’m backed against a wall. My heart is pained with the idea that my husband could be in the midst of infidelity, as he is often keeping tabs on where I am and what I’m doing at any given moment of the day. He monitors my activities on my communication apps and constantly questions me. It’s draining. I’ve never given him a reason to not trust me and I’ve been very faithful to my husband. I begin to wonder sometimes if God sees me and hears my prayers. I just want for a moment to experience joy and what it feels like to be truly appreciated and loved. I struggle to feel any of that. I feel undervalued as a woman of God, wife and now provider. Provider was never the role I was supposed to take, but I find myself in those shoes. I begin to wonder if the Lord’s will is for me to divorce and live a quiet life in the shadows.

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      James Graybeal

      I am praying for you now.

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