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    Hello Prophet Graybeal:

    I am hoping you can pray for a family member of mine. My cousin was doing so well with his life. He had his own medical practice as a doctor and he also was a professor at a college. In the past year or so, he has been struggling mentally. Now it is full blown schizophrenia (which I believe he is simply possessed with many spirits), and he is destitute and homeless. He was put into a psychiatric facility after he started making claims that he was the Messiah. I feel very sorry for this cousin, and our family cannot pinpoint whether something happened to him that made him have a mental meltdown or what it was. He’s going around calling everyone witches and warlocks…it’s just insanity. All I can do is pray, but I’m praying you can pray for deliverance in his mind and that the Lord would keep him out of harms way. He is currently living out of his car and has just had a total meltdown. The family does not know where he is, and a schizophrenic person on the loose could be potentially dangerous.

    Also please pray for me as well as the Lords if you have a word.

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    James Graybeal

    I am praying. God will intervene

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