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      Soul Survivor

      Praise the Lord!!,
      All glory to Jesus alone!!,

      Dear Prophet,
      I want to quit my studies as they are not beneficial to me..They are a burden upon my mind. And my spiritual(witnessing) life is also experiencing downfall…What has the Lord to say in this matter??

      Please reply as soon as possible…

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      James Graybeal

      I hear the Lord say. Don’t give up. God will give you strength.
      It was God that led you there. Wait on the LORD and he will renew your strength.

      God bless…

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      Soul Survivor

      But Sir,
      I have been hearing through the same thing through other servants of God that the Lord will restore you. I have been trusting in the same words since last year but I have seen no improvement rather I have failed in the semester exams miserably..This course has not been beneficial to me at all..Its simply a burden upon my mind and I can’t take it anymore..Everyday I get up feeling ashamed of myself…I know the Lord led me into this.
      But honestly speaking it’s like a mockery to me.

      What shall I do?? I need to get out of this..It’s unfruitful and unproductive for

      Still I believe that,
      Jesus Christ Never Fails!!,

Viewing 2 reply threads
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