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Prophet William

May GOD bless you. You are at a very decisive point in your life and GOD wants to help you through this season. You have to allow GOD help you remove unforgiveness. This is not for the others but for you and your child. Forgiveness does not mean you have to stay with her dad but you have to forgive. This also goes for your mother. The word clearly says if we must honor our parents whether they deserve it or not. And even if there are others it is time to let unforgiveness go. It does not matter whether your mother accepts it or not. As you repent to GOD for having unforgiveness and forgive you will see new doors open for you and your daughter.
Father we are sorry for unforgiveness that we have allowed to come into our hearts. Please forgive us. We ask for your help to forgive. We are willing because we want to please you and need you to help us right now. Also we forgive our mother because you said we said should honor her. We release ______ and ______ to you and forgive them in the name of Jesus. We command all spirits that are not from GOD to leave me and my daughter life now. We close all doors that gave legal access to our lives. Thank you Father for what you have done in our lives and is doing, in the name of Jesus.
GOD Bless