Come out and be ye seprate….

I have been in prayer today for some time. God is speaking. God is speaking now.

I am calling out my Daniels. I am calling out those who will seek my word and my counsel. I am calling out my Jobs who will endure till they see the LORD. God is calling many out from the group. God is calling you out now. Be ye separate and be Holy.

God is calling out his prophetic people. He will make them to shine brighter than ever before. There is a need for light. There is gross darkness, so the people of God must burn brighter than ever before. My people, and my servants the prophets must come up to a place for others to see the works of the LORD.

Now is the time for you to shine. Now is time for the Light to shine. You are salt, and Light I have said.
Now is the time to rise and shine.

You will have rest and you will have breakthrough. Many doors are about to open for my people. But now is also a time of separation and consecration as well. This will mean different things to different people.
God is not calling you to leave your families or churches. But to seek to be separate and Holy unto the LORD. Again, this will mean different things to different people.

Many of you will have angelic visitations. Many will increase in dreams and visions. Signs and wonders will follow them that believe.
This is a season where the natural and the supernatural will meet face to face. And the battle is on.

God bless,

Your servant in Christ,
Prophet James Graybeal

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