2020 – A Year of Great Faith

In this year of 2020, we are entering a time of greatness. But greatness comes with great challenges. This will be a time of great faith. We will need great faith to walk in the greatness of the glory of the LORD in this season.

How ready are you? This is a year of prophetic fulfillment. Are you ready for it? Ask the LORD to fill you up with His faith and power. God has positioned you to receive in these past years. It has been a time working up to now. Ask God to give you faith to walk in this. You are anointed for it. The time is now.

This year of 2020, it will be a year of blessing. But it will be a time of the beginning of a decade to end the decadence. Righteousness will become fashionable again.  A decade will seek for truth. A decade will seek for right. A decade will seek for justice.

The Lord Jesus will have the last laugh in this season. You will see the power of God displayed in new ways. The deceiver will try to copy the things of God just as before. Be wise. Seek to know the truth.

God bless…

James Graybeal
James Graybeal has been in prophetic ministry for over 20 years. He discovered his call while being active in church ministry. He now ministers to countless people on various platforms. Prophet James has a passion for helping others fulfill their call to ministry and develop leaders for the next generation. (read more...)

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